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Dom P with a Side of Steroids

Last week, Dad received the first of his chemotherapy treatments. As luck had it, this coincided with the week mum had to go down to Wellington, so it was decided that I would stay with dad for the couple of nights that she would be away, just in case any of the more dangerous side effects popped up. I, of course, jumped at the chance to get away from my kids for a night or two. What would I do with all the time? The possibilities seemed endless. Anyway, I digress. Much to our relief, Dad seemed to tolerate the chemo extremely well, with not even a hint of the dreaded nausea we had been warned about. In fact, the anti-nausea drugs he was on (steroids and domperidone "Dom Perignon") put him right on cloud 9. I don't think I've ever seen my dad quite so chirpy, he was practically bouncing off the walls like a five-year-old boy on Fanta. And his appetite was larger than life too, the requests for pies and ice cream had me trotting off to the supermarket almost hourly (I exaggerate just a little). Needless to say, we both had a jolly old time, and even managed to get our sci-fi fix in with a Dune movie night (highly recommend btw, but do read the book first, it's only a mile thick). "It's nice to get a little bit of time to yourself, isn't it, Ginger?" Sorry, just a random quote from Chicken Run that seems to fit the moment, also another great film.

Since mum came back, dad has continued to be in high spirits and has so far managed to avoid any side effects from the chemo. In fact, he's feeling better than ever and has been managing to get lots of work done, which is a huge blessing. Thank you to all of you for keeping us in your prayers, this means the world to us and is a huge comfort to know of all those who are thinking of us.

First cuddles with his newest grandbaby, Lucas.

Lord, I thank you for sunshine

Thank you for rain

Thank you for joy

Thank you for pain

It's a beautiful day-ay-ay-ay-ay

It's a beautiful day-ay

- Jermaine Edwards, Rushawn, and TRINIX



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